Working With Documents

Documents are a vital part of any job. If you’re passing off an undertaking to an incoming team member or planning for a busy time it is imperative to document the process. Effective documentation lets you provide Continued an abundance of information, from account logins to step-bystep instructions that your team can trust when work gets busy. Documentation also saves time since you won’t have to search through emails or downloads to find the information you need.

Document Document (noun) an item of document that contains official information like a receipt, contract or letter. Documents can also be a written record of something like an entry in a journal or school report. Documents can be either unstructured or semistructured. Unstructured documents include handwritten notes, letters and newspaper articles; semistructured ones include databases, books and online blogs. Documents can also be nonfictional works that provide an overview, study, or a comparison. Examples include manuscripts, printed material photographs, illustrations maps, and museum specimens.

A document is a piece of data on an macOS device that contains text and formatting that can be printed on paper or viewed using an LCD. You can create documents with macOS apps like Pages and TextEdit, and by using templates from the App Store. Apple Documentation for Pages or Apple Documentation for TextEdit can provide more details. You can also find support for these apps and others by choosing Help in the menu bar while working, or by searching for “document” on your Mac.

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